Ways to Customise Chain Wire Fencing

Posted on: 5 June 2023

You can use chain wire fences in a variety of places. For example, you can create a home front fence, a park barrier, or a school boundary. Chain-wire fences can also enclose sporting spaces. You can customise these barriers depending on where you install them. Here are some of the many ways you can do this.

Fence Height

The fence around a tennis court or cricket net needs to extend much higher than the fence around a park. A security fence's height may lie somewhere in the middle. A contractor can adapt a chain wire fence for each of these purposes. Since the height of chain wire can vary, you can pick the most appropriate fence height for your needs.

While the construction and materials costs will increase with a taller fence, the basic components of each will remain the same. The posts and rails also come in various lengths, diameters and wall thicknesses.

Wire Gauge and Diamond Configuration

Other aspects of the fence to consider are the wire thickness and the size of the diamond weave. A fence installation expert can advise you on the most appropriate options. But typically, security fences may use thicker wire weaved into smaller diamonds to create a sturdier barrier.

For a home fence or to enclose an air conditioner in the yard for blocking pets, you could use finer wire and larger diamonds, as the fence won't have such an imposing purpose. For a tennis court, a medium diamond size could be best.

You may also notice that the diamond weave varies somewhat. It can form a barb or a rounded knuckle at the tips. For a home fence where children are around, choose a mesh with a knuckle at both ends. For a security barrier, you can make the fence unpleasant to climb by installing a mesh with a barb at one or both ends.

Material and Finish

You can also pick between different metals and finishes for a chain wire fence. Many barriers use galvanised steel, and this material suits a wide variety of settings. A layer of zinc helps prevent rust from forming, though the protective coat wears away over time.

If you live near the ocean, salt and moisture can cause a fence to decay faster. To prevent this, you could install a PVC-coated style where the wire mesh is encased in vinyl. The PVC will also give the fence an attractive finished look in colours like brown, green, or black. The installers will build the fence with powder-coated posts and rails to match the mesh colour.

Less commonly, you can come across stainless steel or aluminium wire mesh fences. The chromium in the stainless steel inhibits rust, and aluminium doesn't rust. Thus, both metal options are resilient. However, in general, steel is stronger than aluminium, but this depends on the particular mesh and fence.

For more information about chain wire fencing, contact a local company.


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