The Benefits of Slat Front Fencing Designs

Posted on: 31 October 2022

A slat fence design consists of a series of horizontal slats that are set into posts to form a barrier. These designs are often used for the front fence of a home. Consider the following benefits this style offers.

The Versatility of Slats

A slat fence can be constructed to be relatively high, thus providing privacy for a front garden. At the same time, these barriers don't create an enclosed feeling because of the slight gaps between each slat. The fence builders have control over privacy as they can use wider or narrower slats and space them in different measurements. You have the best of both worlds as you can relax in the front garden and not feel exposed to the public. But, at the same time, it's not easy for passers-by to peer through the gaps, as they would have to stop and make a specific effort to do so.

These fence styles also filter the wind. They soften a strong wind but don't block it completely, so you can enjoy a summer breeze. Thus, the front garden won't become stifling as it may with a solid continuous fence design.

Material Options

If you choose a slat fence style, you'll have various material options. A popular choice is powder-coated aluminium, which comes in many colours such as green, black, and cream. Metal slats can also be treated with a finish that mimics timber, giving the fence a rustic look. But these fences can also appear sleek and modern, particularly in shades of grey. Other slat materials include timber and PVC. Wood is heavier than aluminium and PVC, and it may need refinishing every so often, depending on the specific timber product you use. On the other hand, aluminium and PVC don't require much ongoing maintenance besides a wash with a garden hose. And because they're lighter in weight, the fence will be easier to construct.

Sloping Ground

With a slat fence, you don't have to be concerned if your property is on a slope. These barriers can be constructed in a staggered way to accommodate the land contours. Each fence section will be horizontal, but the overall fence line will form a stair-stepped top edge. Your fencing services contractor can explain the setup, which will leave a small space underneath the end of each segment of fencing. If you want the barrier to keep a pet dog safe on your property, you'll have to ensure that they can't wriggle underneath and get in harm's way.

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Choosing The Right Fence For The Job

There are many different factors to consider when you need a new fence for your home. For example, how tall does it need to be? What fencing materials can you get for your budget? How much privacy do you need? Before you can hire a fencing contractor to put up the new fence for you, you need to consider these questions and more. Therefore, learning more about fence types helps you to narrow down your fencing choices, and that's the type of information you can find right here. Take the time to discover the different looks you can achieve with a fence before you erect one on the boundary of your home.


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