Unusual Benefits of Chain Mesh Fencing for a Home

Posted on: 19 October 2021

Chain mesh fencing is an excellent option for a home. The mesh comes in different roll lengths, so it's easy to construct a waist-high front fence or a tall tennis court enclosure. You've probably heard about the obvious benefits of these fences, such as the fact that they are resilient and withstand harsh elements. Plus, you may already know that they're robust, and they don't provide gaps for children or pets to climb through. To help you decide whether one of these barriers is right for your home, here are some more unusual benefits you may not have encountered before.

Doesn't Block Wind

Chain mesh fencing creates a reliable barrier so you can relax in the front garden, and pets can play freely. These fences don't block the wind, which means the yard will be refreshing even on hotter days. This same attribute makes chain-mesh fencing suitable for other uses, like dog runs, as it won't create an overly hot space. You could also set up chain mesh alongside a patio and grow climbing vines through it. The open weave design will help keep the patio cool.

Not blocking wind also helps a fence structurally, as even in gale-force winds it is less likely to be pushed over. Conversely, a solid wall doesn't allow the wind to filter through, and it may suffer in a bad storm.

Can Create Privacy Using Slats

Chain mesh fencing offers good visibility with its mesh design, maintaining an open feel on your property. But you can also create privacy by weaving slats through the webbing. These slats are specifically manufactured to work with the diamond-shaped mesh. You can choose from vinyl, timber or other materials. For an earthy feel, opt for a faux timber finish or a muted shade. Alternatively, choose bright red, yellow or blue. Chain mesh fences offer great flexibility as you can create privacy in selected spots, just where you want it. 

Offers Colour Options

While you can install a silver galvanised steel fence common everywhere, you can also opt for other colours. The mesh can be encased in PVC in green, black, brown or white colours. The posts and rails are then powder coated in a matching paint hue. Green and brown create a rustic look and are ideal for blending the fence with the natural landscape so that it's not obtrusive. A black barrier looks smart, and it tends to fade into the background, whether in an urban or rural setting.

For more information about chain mesh fencing, contact a contractor.


Choosing The Right Fence For The Job

There are many different factors to consider when you need a new fence for your home. For example, how tall does it need to be? What fencing materials can you get for your budget? How much privacy do you need? Before you can hire a fencing contractor to put up the new fence for you, you need to consider these questions and more. Therefore, learning more about fence types helps you to narrow down your fencing choices, and that's the type of information you can find right here. Take the time to discover the different looks you can achieve with a fence before you erect one on the boundary of your home.


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