Reasons to Install Wire Mesh Fencing Around Your Front Garden

Posted on: 16 February 2021

You might be planning to construct a fence around your front yard but are unsure which style to install. One possibility is chain wire meshing. Consider the following reasons to select this fencing.

Customisation Options

Chain mesh fences offer numerous customisation options, allowing you to adapt the barrier to suit your needs. The wire mesh is available in different height rolls, so you can make your fence waist-high or construct a tall wall to contain a large dog, for example. You can also alter how solid the wall is by choosing different wire gauges or thicknesses for the webbing. Low-gauge wire is thicker than high-gauge. For a home, you might want a mid-range gauge of about nine. Thicker options such as six-gauge mesh are perfect for high-security businesses that need tough fencing. Don't choose too-thin webbing as the barrier may become somewhat flimsy, like a temporary fence.

The meshing attaches to a framework of top rails and posts consisting of metal pipes. These pipes are available in varying diameters and wall thicknesses, which is why chain wire fences suit both high-security commercial premises and homes. Your fencing contractors can advise on the best options for your installation.

Colour Varieties

Chain mesh fencing is practical. You can even alter its aesthetics to match your property, changing the look of your barrier by selecting between several colours. You'll have a choice of silver mesh or brown, black, green, or white PVC-covered webbing. The posts and top rail are powder-coated in a matching shade to the wire mesh. For a bushland environment, you might prefer a green or brown fence that blends with the scenery. Alternatively, a black-coated wire mesh fence has a smart appearance, and black tends to fade into the background and not be too noticeable, which is perfect if you want a discreet option.


To protect the metal fence from rusting, manufacturers cover the parts in various ways to shield them from the elements. For example, galvanised steel has a zinc coat that hinders rust, and PVC-coated fences are also protected from corrosion by the vinyl outer covering. The powder coating process encases the posts and the top rails with a baked-on polyester paint layer.

Clear Viewpoint

Chain wire mesh fences securely contain children and pets while allowing for a clear viewpoint. A transparent wall heightens security as any trespassers won't have the option of concealing themselves from public scrutiny like they might behind a privacy fence. Your plants will also thrive with the sunshine streaming through the meshing. Plus, you'll be able to enjoy the view and the openness of your front garden.

To learn more, contact fencing contractors near you.


Choosing The Right Fence For The Job

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