How To Automate Your Residential Gate

Posted on: 1 February 2021

Automatic gates enhance the security of your home and ensure convenience as you access your property. Besides, they can make your home appealing to potential buyers. So, how do you automate your residential gate? Read this extract for some expert tips. 

Assess Your Current Gate

Your first concern should be whether or not you intend to keep your current gate. You could opt to change your gate for cosmetic purposes or if it is in poor condition. Automatic gates should not be too heavy. It ensures that you do not overwork the operating mechanism. Therefore, you should replace the gate if it is too heavy. Does your gate swing or slide? Sliding gates run on tracks or cantilevers. They are a preferable choice since they do not need an operation radius. Besides, the gate is not vulnerable to strong winds. Swing gates are cheap and easy to install. Their downside is that you have to stop the vehicle away from the gate's operating radius. This can be problematic if you have a small driveway or if your gate is located close to the main road. 

Purchasing An Automatic Gate Opener

The automatic gate opener is the device that opens and closes the gate. Consider the following when purchasing an automatic gate opener. 


Check home improvement blogs and interview other homeowners to identify companies that make durable automatic gate openers. Inquire whether the opener develops problems and whether you can find repair shops and spare parts in your area. A warranty is a guarantee that the manufacturer believes in the quality of products sold. 


Ideally, the motor should be powerful enough to swing or slide the gate. Most manufacturers will inform you of the amount of load that the motor can bear. Choose a larger motor to ensure it can handle additional forces such as gravity and wind. 


If you intend to install an automatic swing gate, examine the swing angle of the arm. The gate should have adequate safety features. For example, opening guards will prevent your kids from riding the gate as it swings in or out. Photoelectric sensors will stop the gate if it detects an obstacle. It helps prevent accidents when using the gate. Some gate openers will have a spare battery to be used if you do not have power in your home. Others have a number plate detection system. 

Automating your residential gate should be an easy task. Inspect your current gate and observe the recommended tips when buying an automatic gate opener. To learn more about residential gate automation, contact a fence contractor in your area.


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