Top Tips to Get the Most From Your Acoustic Fencing

Posted on: 14 July 2020

In a world that is getting busier and louder, more people are turning to acoustic fencing for their homes and businesses. These barriers are excellent for mitigating against noise that would otherwise lead to certain health problems, as well as affecting productivity.

To fully enjoy the benefits of noise pollution reduction, you need to get every aspect of your acoustic fencing right. Here is a checklist for your acoustic fencing.

Pick the Right Type

Acoustic fencing works in two ways: reflecting and bouncing off the sound waves so they travel in different directions, or absorbing and diffusing the waves. The material used in the construction of the fence will determine how it works to reduce the noise.

A fencing services consultant can help you choose which type of acoustic fencing best suits your application. The type of noise is usually the biggest influencer in this decision.

Make your Fencing High Enough

Whether it's absorptive or reflective, if your acoustic fencing is not high enough, the sound will just end up travelling over the fence. Again, the source of the noise and how far away it is from your property play a big role in determining how high up the fencing should go.

The good news is that you can always make some adjustments to the height of your acoustic fence at any time. If it's not performing as well on account of it standing too low, you can have your fencing contractor make the necessary changes.

An important element to keep in mind is that you should always adhere to set ordinances regarding the height of your fence. Violation of codes will attract penalties and may get your fence pulled down. An expert fencing contractor will always ensure that you are fully compliant.

No Gaps

Sound will travel through any gaps in your acoustic fencing. It is therefore crucial that you, at the very least, minimise and, at best, eliminate any such gaps. Talk to your fencing contractor about interlocking boards that help to ensure that there are no gaps in your acoustic fence. These may be a little more costly, but looking at the value they add in making your fencing soundproof, the boards are well worth how much you will spend.

To get the best and the most out of your acoustic fencing, ensure you get the right type for your application and that it is compact with no gaps, and stands high enough. It's always best if a sound consultant works closely with your fencing contractor.


Choosing The Right Fence For The Job

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