How Glass Pool Fencing Can Help Keep Your Children Safe

Posted on: 8 June 2020

A backyard swimming pool is a great place for your kids to hang out on those balmy summer days with their friends. But as a parent, you probably worry about their safety. One way of ensuring that your children stay safe when using — and not using — your pool, is to install a strong and sturdy pool fence.

Glass pool fences are a safe option if you have kids at home. Glass has unique attributes that other pool fence materials don't, and these can help to keep your children safe.

Climb Resistant

Children are adventurous. This means that they sometimes go where they shouldn't when they shouldn't, especially if you tell them not to. In terms of a swimming pool, this can be dangerous if your children are very young or aren't strong swimmers.

This is why a pool fence that provides foot and handholds can be dangerous to children. For instance, if your pool fence is mesh or wood, it's likely that there will be several places where a child can climb over it with a little effort. If you aren't home or are busy, this can leave you worried.

But the glass panels of pool fencing are climb resistant. The frameless panels provide no hand and footholds, and the smooth glass prevents a child from scaling the panels. This will allow you to rest easy if you know your children are playing in the backyard.


This is an obvious benefit. But it's importance cannot be understated. When your children are out in the backyard pool and you are busy indoors preparing lunch, having the ability to check on them from indoors is invaluable. This is especially useful when your kitchen windows face out onto your backyard. You'll be able to keep a constant eye on your children as they swim.

No other material can provide the same level of transparency and sturdiness as glass pool fencing can.

Easy to Maintain

Wood, metal and vinyl all eventually succumb to wear and tear that renders them easier to climb through or over for a determined child. Glass, on the other hand, can stand up to the elements and won't flake, weaken or fall apart. This is because glass pool fencing comprises toughened glass that won't shatter or break into sharp pieces if broken.

Although you will need to clean your glass pool fencing regularly, it is sturdy enough to withstand the rigours of weather and wear and tear.


Choosing The Right Fence For The Job

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