Advantages Of Aluminium Slat Gates

Posted on: 3 June 2020

One easy way to smarten up your home's facade is to replace the front driveway gates. While several designs and materials might be on offer, one possibility is aluminium slat gates. Read on to discover several advantages of this upgrade.

Lightweight And Easy To Manoeuvre

Lightweight gates that are easy to manoeuvre are better than unwieldy, heavy ones that you struggle to budge. You may install an automatic mechanism, but what if it breaks down and you need to open or close the gates manually? In such a situation, you're better off with lightweight but sturdy aluminium, which is perfect for large items such as driveway barriers. Other metals and materials are often heavier than this handy metal. 


Gates are under a constant barrage of weather—hot sun, rain, hail and possibly snow—so they need to be durable. Aluminium naturally resists rusting due to its composition. Thus, you won't need to worry about removing rust patches as you do with other kinds of metal. Additionally, often aluminium is powder-coated, a process that covers the metal in a baked-on paint film which provides additional protection from the elements. 

Various Privacy Levels

The clever design of aluminium slat gates allows you to create the level of privacy you need for your front garden. The slates come in various widths, plus the gates can be built with the slats closer or further apart. To create a filtered effect with good vision through the barrier, you could combine narrow slats with wide spacing. Such a style allows you to see through the gate so the yard doesn't feel hemmed in. Alternatively, to create an ultra-private front area, you could pair wide slats with close spacing.

Different Looks

Your choices in structuring your gate not only affect its privacy levels but also how it looks. For a light effect, go with slimline slats, widely set apart. Otherwise, you can build a solid, substantial gate with little light flowing through. With aluminium slat gates, you'll have a variety of design options to blend it with your home and the landscape. Consider the gate posts or pillars when planning the design; metal posts or brick, concrete or stone pillars will give the gate a different appearance. Your colour choices also play a part. A brown slat gate can provide a rustic feel, reminiscent of a timber fence. Other colour options you can choose from might include black, grey or green. 


Choosing The Right Fence For The Job

There are many different factors to consider when you need a new fence for your home. For example, how tall does it need to be? What fencing materials can you get for your budget? How much privacy do you need? Before you can hire a fencing contractor to put up the new fence for you, you need to consider these questions and more. Therefore, learning more about fence types helps you to narrow down your fencing choices, and that's the type of information you can find right here. Take the time to discover the different looks you can achieve with a fence before you erect one on the boundary of your home.


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