All You Need To Know About Glass Pool Fencing

Posted on: 21 February 2020

In order to satisfy Australian Safety Standards, you are required to install a fence around pools that are more than 300mm. Many people have turned to glass fencing to secure their pools. While these fences are aesthetically pleasing and elegant, many homeowners have various concerns about them. Here are a few of the frequently asked questions about glass pool fencing.

Is Glass Durable Compared To Other Materials?

The popular perception is that glass is brittle and does not last long compared to materials such as steel. However, glass pool fences are made of tempered safety glass. This toughened glass is able to withstand fluctuations in temperature, harsh weather and impact. Therefore, it is very unlikely that this glass will break.

Is Glass Safe For An Environment With Children and Pets?

If you have kids and pets roaming around the house, you are probably concerned about the safety of glass fences. One thing about glass pool fencing is that they have self-closing hinges. This means the gate remains closed at all times. Additionally, these gates are installed in a way that the latch for opening the gate cannot be accessed by children. The smooth surface of the glass also makes it difficult for children to climb because there are no support areas they can hold on to.

What are the Main Types of Glass Pool Fences?

There are two types of glass pool fencing: the semi-frameless and frameless glass fences. The frameless pool fences are supported by clamps whereas the semi-frameless glass panels are attached to posts. Semi-frameless fencing is cheaper than frameless fencing because it is only 8mm to 10mm thick and is attached to stainless steel posts. Frameless fencing is much stronger hence its high price. It is also thicker, 12mm, because it does not have the additional strength of a frame.

What Should I Consider When Installing Glass Pool Fencing?

The factors to consider when installing glass pool fencing are the area to be covered, the cost of the fencing and the expertise of the person installing the pool. For example, if you are installing in a garden bed, you need to pour concrete on the ground to create a strong surface for screwing the fixings. If you are strained for cash, semi-frameless glass options are cheaper than frameless ones. Lastly, for the safety of your children and pets and to avoid avoidable losses, you need to work with a licensed and experienced glass pool fencing service.

Summing It Up

Glass pool fencing is a popular option for fencing for many homeowners in Australia. There are a lot of considerations that go into installing glass pool fences hence the need to research widely before investing in the project. Generally, you need to consider the safety of your children and pets, the main types of glasses and their pros and cons, and the workmanship you hire to work for you.

For more information, contact a pool fencing service.


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