Why Put a Top Rail on a Glass Balcony Balustrade

Posted on: 4 February 2020

Glass balustrades enhance the view from a balcony. You get a safety barrier that doesn't block your view or incoming light.

While some people put up frameless balustrades that are all about the glass, others like to top off these products with a top rail. Here, a metal or wooden rail sits on top of the balustrade's glass.

Why should you consider adding a top rail to your balustrade?

Create a Visual Perspective Line

Some people like to have seamless glass surrounding their balcony. They enjoy a clear view from a balustrade that gives an open look.

However, some people find this clear and unimpeded view a little unsettling. They know the balustrade is there, but they feel that the balcony is too open. This can be worrying for people who have problems with heights.

If you install a top rail, then your balustrade has a subtle top edge. This breaks up the open effect without significantly reducing your view or light. It also tops of the design neatly, giving you a different look.

A top rail can also enhance the balustrade's safety. It reminds people that the glass is there. So, for example, if you have a friend visiting with their kids and the kids are running around, then they might bash into the balustrade if they don't notice it. A top rail simply makes it more noticeable, which could prevent any accidents.

Get Less Cleaning Work

If your frameless glass balustrade doesn't have a top rail, then you'll touch the glass if you stand at the balustrade and hold onto it when you're looking out. The glass becomes your rail. As a result, the glass gets dirtier more quickly. You'll have to clean off fingerprints and grease marks regularly.

If you put a top rail on the balustrade, then you're less likely to touch the glass. It will stay cleaner for longer. So, you'll reduce the amount of time you need to spend cleaning the glass.

It's also a lot easier to clean a top rail. If you install a steel rail, then this will just need a wipe-down every now and then with a soft cloth and a suitable cleaning product. If your rail is made from wood, then marks won't show up that much at all; the rail will need less frequent cleaning.

To take a look at different top rail materials and designs, contact your glass balustrades supplier.


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