Have you thought about fitting custom steel gates?

Posted on: 3 February 2020

Are you thinking about fitting new fences or gates to your property? While you could opt for a picket fence or perhaps a conventional timber or brick fence there is an alternative. Have you thought about the advantages of something like steel fencing or custom Colorbond gates?

Steel gates are can be an attractive, modern addition to your property that is designed to blend seamlessly into their surroundings or to make a positive contrast. Here are four more reasons why you should consider custom steel fencing for your property.

1. It's very secure

Steel is strong and resilient. When you fit steel gates such as custom Colorbond gates, you can increase your home's security and safety. A good steel fence will keep your pets and children safe inside your perimeter and undesirable visitors outside your property.

2. It's a long-lasting, low maintenance option

When you buy steel gates you can have confidence that you are buying a product that is built to last. Steel products can be trusted to withstand the passage of time or whatever the Australian weather may be. With this sturdiness, you can expect to perform less maintenance or repairs. Instead of constant maintenance or repairs, your new gates or fence will only need an occasional wash to ensure that they look their best.

3. It can increase privacy

Is your property visible to your neighbours? If you have a traditional timber fence, then perhaps you are looking for an option which can provide a higher degree of privacy. With steel gates, there are no gaps through where your neighbours can look inside. If you value your privacy, then a steel gate is certainly the best solution for your home.

4. It is environmentally friendly

Steel is fully recyclable. Unlike other fencing solutions that may end up in landfill with steel gates, you can be assured that when your fence does eventually expire and needs to be replaced, it can be melted down and the steel turned into something new. If you are concerned about the environment, it is wise to choose recyclable materials. 

These are a few reasons why you might want to opt for steel. If you would like to know about how steel fencing and gates could enhance your property then talk to your local supplier today. They can explain why custom Colorbond gates could be right for you and help you select the most appropriate option for your home.


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